All Tangled Up cover. A white couple embrace while sitting on the hood of a yellow classic car with a view of Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the background.
Part of the Revved Up series:
Editions:eBook - Second Edition

The reality show Revved Up has made Kasen’s Kustom Automotive a national sensation. For garage co-owner Jesse Kasen, the only fly in his ointment is Lola Adams, the show’s producer. The little Georgia peach is a blond bombshell. All he can think about when she’s around is what it might be like to get his hands on her.

Lola might use her looks to get what she wants, but it’s her knowledge of cars, courtesy of her auto-racing family, that got her the producer spot on Revved Up. Jesse is hot and the star of all her recent steamy fantasies. Too bad he’s off limits—she won’t risk her professional reputation for a fling.

Jesse sees one solution to their problem—burn off this attraction in bed and get on with business. Lola agrees because she has to know what it’s like to touch him, but she demands discretion. One naughty weekend in his secluded cabin, no strings attached. But one weekend might not be enough.

Note: This book was previously published and has been revised from its original release.

Imprint: CJ Books

A low, throaty laugh echoed through the massive garage. The kind of sound that made a man’s brain fog with lust. It made Jesse’s muscles tighten with annoyance. Lola shouldn’t be flaunting her hotness around his men, distracting them from their work. Kasen’s Kustom Automotive was a business, damn it.

Unfortunately, it was also the set for a reality television show that overhauled classic cars, and since Lola was the show’s new producer, there was nothing Jesse could do about her flirting with anyone. Normally, he loved working on the show, and he’d been thrilled when Revved Up had been offered national syndication, but that offer had come with Lola Adams. He glanced up from the sound system he was installing to see her flashing a smile at one of his grease monkeys.


“That’s a great idea, Sanchez.” Lola’s voice rolled out in her slow Georgia drawl, her tone sugary sweet. She laid a hand on the tattooed man’s forearm and he grinned back, leaning closer.

The two of them walked toward the car, rejoining the camera crew and mechanics who were hard at work. Eddie, one of Kasen’s other employees, was bent across the hood attaching the windshield wipers, and Jesse watched his eyes glaze a bit when Lola came near. She gave Eddie a wink. “Not that we don’t love your handsome face on camera, but I think we want this shot to focus on what Jesse and Sanchez are doing with the sound.”

Eddie flushed when she called him handsome, and his expression conveyed how eager he was to please her. “I’ll get this done in under a minute.”

“I’m always impressed with the speed of this garage’s crew.” Her smile was charming, and combined with the form-fitting skirt and shirt made of some soft, expensive fabric, petite height and knockout curves, she was a walking wet dream. It didn’t hurt that she had a face that would make Venus envious. With creamy skin, brown eyes that tilted up at the corners, and long blond hair, everything about Lola made any heterosexual man with a pulse want to reach out and touch.

“Let’s just get this done,” Jesse said, giving Eddie a pointed look through the windshield. The man quit staring at Lola and got his task finished as quickly as he’d promised.

“Great job,” Lola complimented. Her gaze fell on Jesse and, for a split second, her grin faltered. Her gaze slid down his body, where he was sprawled half-in and half-out of the vehicle, working under the dashboard. Her perusal paused for just a moment too long on his chest and where his jeans were stretched tight over his groin. He saw the burn of desire in her gaze, felt an answering spark inside him. She jerked a bit, shook her head, and turned to Sanchez with a dazzling smile. “Are we ready for y’all to do your thing?”

Jesse barely managed to suppress a growl, forcing himself to focus on the car. If he were honest, he’d admit he was pissed off because Lola showered her attention on someone besides him. If he’d been getting more interest from her, it wouldn’t matter who else she flirted with. He was clearly losing his mind. Why he even cared was beyond him. From the look of her, she’d slept her way into this job, and he had no time to babysit someone who didn’t know one end of a wrench from the other. He’d been working his ass off to turn Kasen’s Kustom into a force to be reckoned with, and now classic car owners from all over the world were flocking to their garage to have them work their magic in customizing those beauties. Lola was a distraction he didn’t need, and it was just a shame that all he could think about when she was around was what she’d look like all tangled up in his sheets.

He snorted at his own stupidity. Yeah, he had a jones for her. She knew it too, the same way he knew she was attracted to him. But a woman like her had “high maintenance” written all over her—she was used to men giving her whatever she wanted if she so much as batted an eyelash at them. Jesse liked his women as low maintenance as possible, so for the moment, he was keeping his distance. So was she. They’d been dancing around each other since she’d arrived to start shooting the new season of Revved Up. Three very long months.